Richard is now receiving international recognition and his work is being published in various art magazines and newspapers.  Some of the more prominent articles are listed below in chronological order.


Richard has also started to record how he paints his pictures.  You can read this in the separate section called "How I painted that".  These articles will eventually be formed into a book.  See >>>


1 June 2010

International Artist Magazine

Richard was the subject of a 10-page feature article in International Artist Magazine Issue 73, June/July 2010Click here to see a copy of the article >>>


12 March 2010

Knaresborough Post

An article about Richard's award by International Artist (see below) was published in the Knaresborough Post, along with a photograph of the painting.  Click here to read the article >>>


3 February 2010

International Artist Magazine

Richard's painting, "Knaresborough, Yorkshire" has been selected as a Finalist in International Artist magazine's Landscape Art Challenge No. 55 and published in Issue 71, February/March 2010.

A copy of the page (courtesy International Artist) can be seen here >>>

For more infomation, read the press release on the News Page >>>



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